Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google in Grand Rapids?

Yet another reason why our town rocks!

Per Rapid Growth:

"Grand Rapids is one of dozens of cities in the country applying to be a test region for Google Inc.'s proposed experiment to test its super-high-speed broadband network with 50,000 to 500,000 users.

According to excerpts from the story:

Google Inc. is searching for a number of cities to be part of an experiment the company says would make internet access better and faster for everyone. The online media company has announced plans to build super high-speed broadband network for at least 50,000 and up to 500,000.

Grand Rapids is among dozens of U.S. cities applying to be a part of the experimental test market. "This is a good thing for us. This is a good thing for our community. It is a good thing for business and economic development in our region" said Paul Klimas, the Information Technology Director for the city of Grand Rapids.""

For more info on how you can help make this happen, check out: